Toddler Must Have: DockAtot Grand

I wish I knew about the DockAtot when Aleia was a newborn but our DockAtot Grand is a complete lifesaver for toddlerhood! DockAtot is a safe pillow to rest your child in for a cozy sleep or to lounge in. It comes in DockAtot Deluxe, best for newborns to 9 months and DockAtot Grand for children from 9 months to 36 months.

What I love about the DockAtot Grand:

  • It is FREE of Chemicals, Non-heat harboring, Oeko-Tex Certified, Hypo-allergenic and the pads around are completely breathable.
  • It comes in many different patterns and options, you can also switch the cover colours/patterns as you please. Their new ones are amazing! If I have a boy next time, I can just get a different colour.
  • It is insanely COZY!!! I have most definitely laid in it a few times.
  • You can easily move it and travel with it, you just need to throw it in its bag.
  • The sides are like crib bumpers but soft.
  • Aleia loves LOVES napping in it, because she moves so much the Doc keeps her snuggled up and more comfortable.
  • IT IS A LIFESAVER FOR COSLEEPING PARENTS like us! Aleia use to kick and elbow both hubby and I but since the Doc, everyone has been getting a much better rest.
  • It’s huge! Aleia will be using it for a long time. Now if only they would make an even bigger version to fit me in haha 😉
  • It’ll make the transition to a big girl bed so much easier for us.

Whether you are expecting or a first time mama you won’t regret putting this awesome nest in your registry! It really is a baby must have and will get you hours of much needed sleep.






Post brought to you by DockAtot. All personal opinions are my own.

One thought on “Toddler Must Have: DockAtot Grand

  1. These are amazing but how did you get one in Canada? By the time our son needed to upsize they were pulled from distribution due to Health Canada adding baby nests to their ridiculously long “dangerous products ” list . We had to source a local artisan who makes “safe” baby / toddler nests . Used to be able to get Doc’s at Indigo with the click of a button but now can’t find anywhere in Canada that sells them so I’m wondering if that’s changed ?

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