Aleia’s 3rd Birthday: Fairy Party



Woaaah, I know I often say this but WOW!! Where did the time go? We officially have a 3 year old & expecting another sweet baby girl! This year for A’s 3rd birthday party, she had a Tinkerbell themed party & it was a lot of fun. I was the perfect theme especially just recently getting back from Disneyland. Honestly, being very pregnant, it was tough to plan this party out, but it was really important me to do it because it’s the last party where A is our only babe. I wanted her 3rd birthday to be super special & memorable & it most definitely was that.


I decided to use the flower paper decor from last years party but added light green & purple flowers, after all it is a Tinkerbell party. We also did another balloon garland but this year I bought a balloon blowing machine & it made everything SO much easier & saved so much time! Def a must buy if you like making balloon garlands.

A few of my fave party decor (Aleia’s name sign, cupcake toppers, straws) was from Streamers Party Supply & they are all handmade from love & were the perfect touch to Aleia’s party.





This year I wanted to do A’s party a little more simple & easier on me, after all planning a party 34 weeks pregnant is a bit of a struggle, so I decided to keep the menu simple. Our party started at 2:30 so I decided to serve:

Turkey/Cranberry sandwiches




Salted caramel, chocolate & vanilla cupcakes


Sugar Cookie

Chocolate covered strawberries 



A loves animals, so for the 3rd year we invited the petting farm to come over & bring some animals to our house, except this year we specifically asked for baby bunnies & guinea pigs for the children to pet. A absolutely loved it & so did the rest of the kids!! Another fun touch I decided to do was get all the children fairy wings, it was the cutest thing watching all the kiddos run around with their wings.




Overall, A’s 3rd birthday party was a complete success!!! So happy with how everything turned out & most importantly, A loved everything!



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