KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor

When it comes to baby monitors I probably have had over 8 different ones in the last 3 years! We have tried countless of baby monitors and have been disappointed because of poor video and sound quality, poor battery life as well as terrible range. Some simply didn’t make it past 6 months.

I was super excited when I received our new KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor. As soon as I started using it all my baby monitor frustrations drifted away!! After all, Kodak is well known for delivering excellent image and photos!!

After opening the box I love that I was able to use it right away! The set up was quick and easy. I simply downloaded the app on my phone and the app simply directed me step by step to get the parent unit and the camera started. It took about 5 mins, depending on your wi-fi. As soon as set up was finished, I didn’t need to plug and charge the parent unit or the camera as the battery was still half full! I quickly put it in Aisla’s room without needing to plug it and I was able to watch her right away!!

The video/image and sound quality was impeccable. I could see her so clear and can hear everything so well. I was able to soothe Aisla right away by using the two-way communication! Right away she calmed down once she heard my voice.

One of my absolute favourite features of the KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor is the KODAK Smart Home App. With hubby working away he can simply log in the app on his phone and see our kids anywhere using Wi-Fi.

Things I absolutely love about the KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor:

  • The excellent image/video quality with high resolution in a large 5 inch display screen.
  • You can save moments in an SD card or in the cloud.
  • Reliable night vision quality and zooming capabilities.
  • It plays soothing lullabies and white noise.
  • It has a long battery life (5 hours)!!! And comes with rechargeable batteries for both the parent unit and the baby camera keeping you connected from anywhere in your home.
  • The camera is able to pan/tilt and provide a full 360 view and has a long range.
  • Aside from the portable display screen you can also use your phone to connect to the baby monitor using the Kodak Smart Home app. This way you can see your little one from anywhere using Wi-fi.
  • The KODAK Smart Home App delivers motion/sound notifications to your smartphone wherever you are connected via WiFi.
  • Two-way talk: this is definitely an awesome feature. I love being able to talk to my kids and soothe them without being in the room.
  • Temperature/humidity readings, love knowing that it’s not too cold or too hot in the bedrooms and the kids are comfortable.
  • Kodak also offers 24/7 professional support, if you have any questions or troubles using your camera and monitor. Honestly, this makes me feel at ease knowing I can easily access support if I have any questions.

Overall, the KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor is hands down my absolute favourite baby monitor!! It has so many excellent features as well as it is reliable and portable (perfect for traveling). I love knowing that I can stay connected to my children anytime, anywhere.

Use the code 10BUBBLY for 10% off your KODAK Cherish C525 Baby Monitor: https://www.amazon.com/gp/mpc/A2QHUT34ICWSRJ


*This blog post is brought to you by KODAK. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


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