Lets Be Kids. Playing with my Preschooler

At the start of Preschool this September, when I was writing on Aleia’s First Day of Preschool chalk board I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and she simply answered “I want to build houses.”

A is very creative and enjoys constructing and building, this has become one of our favourite activities at home as we spend countless of hours creating. She loves materials she can simply turn into elaborate cities where she uses her imagination and make everything and anything possible. Playing side-by-side with her watching where her play takes her too and being able to be kids ourselves has become one of our favourite activities as a family.

Having a Degree in Child Development as well as being a mom I love finding toys that are developmentally appropriate, promotes all areas of development as well as toys we can all simply enjoy as a family. New Wonder Builders™ Design System by Fisher-Pric is absolutely the new favourite toy in our house. The system consists of mix and match reconfigurable play pieces to design all sorts of unique configurations and experiences, with so many combinations to explore, you can use all the pieces to build anything you wish.

The system promotes:

  • Fine motor skills. As fine motor skills improve, children can create more elaborate constructions and more complex designs.
  • Encourages imaginative play.
  • Promotes creative thinking.
  • Encourages story-telling.
  • Develops problem-solving skills.
  • Promotes communication skills, it allows children to engage in meaningful and enjoyable conversations.
  • Encourages team work.

The Wonder Builders toy sets we have been exploring are:

Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders™ design system Build Around Town™

This system has endless combinations with the  building and track sets. Preschoolers can use 75+ reconfigurable play pieces to design your own Wonder Builders™ town using the same pieces to make buildings or connect tracks for vehicles.

Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders™ design system Soft Slumber Campground™

With this system children can create a dream camping destination, complete with shady trees, cozy hammock, canoe, campfire and more! Preschoolers can use over 60+ reconfigurable play pieces to build different campgrounds, using the same pieces to create new layouts anyway you wish.

Fisher-Price® Wonder Builders™ design system Slide & Ride Schoolyard™

Children can play with this mix and match building set, designing the school building and yard in different ways. Complete with a swing, treehouse, merry-go-round and more! There are 75+ reconfigurable play pieces where preschoolers can design different layouts, using the same pieces to create buildings or tracks.


As a parent, I love finding toys that my children will enjoy, foster learning and development. More importantly toys that will bring our family together to create meaningful experiences. After all toys exists to let kids be kids, when we join in our children’s play we get explore the world of possibility and get to be kids too!

These are definitely the perfect Christmas presents for those creative preschoolers in your life! These sets are exclusively available at ToysRUs.’ Click link to shop: Fisher Price Wonder Builders.



Check out this video https://youtu.be/B-ggR0fLWv4 to see the Fisher Price Wonder Builders.


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