Dear Postpartum Body, thank you.

For years before having my girls I spent many mornings at 6 am going to bootcamp, hot yoga & running 4km atleast 3x a week.. yet I was never fully satisfied with my body. There was always “something” that could be better. My thighs could be smaller, my arms… yaddaa yadaaa.

Fast forward to having my first baby. Instead of being kind and gentle with myself during the first few months of transition… I nit picked EVERY “flaws” I seen in front of the mirror. The Negative Nancy in my head always had something to say. Absolutely couldn’t stand my C-section scar along with my uneven leaky breasts, and my hips don’t even get me started about those. This time I felt strange and my own body felt foreign to me. Many mornings I wondered “when will my body go back?”

The truth? It never came back. My pre-baby body. Gone. And I’ve never been happier.

I wish that I realized back then what I know now. I’m currently 8 months postpartum with my 2nd baby and this time around I have a deeper appreciation for how amazing my body is. MY BODY grew TWO babies, literally rearranged organs to grow another life. My C-section scar, pretty bad ass if you ask me. It’s is a constant reminder of the very BEST days of my life. And my uneven breast it is continuing to do the most natural and amazing thing, nourish my baby.

Every time I look down at my stretch marks, it is the best reminder that I’ve done something pretty spectacular. My stomach protected and helped grow both my children. My arms held both my babies & continue to soothe my children on long nights. My legs bounce and rock my children to sleep as I held them from growth spurts, teething to night terrors.


These days I don’t have all the time to work out as much as I wish I do. Instead I’m lugging a car seat around from activities to activities, carrying my preschoolers backpack, balancing her art/craft along with the groceries.. and I have never felt STRONGER & HAPPIER. This time I accept that my body may never be exactly the same as it was before I had my children, just as my heart will never be the same. These days I’m focused on being the best version of myself for myself and my little miracles.


Mamas, cuddle your baby, HEAL, eat that piece of cake (or two), be present and enjoy now, after all time really does fly. But most of all be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. Honour your body. After all, you’ve done something pretty spectacular. Look at what you created.



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