Baby Holiday Gift Ideas (6 months+)

It’s always so much fun finding toys and activities for babies and toddlers. Below are my favourite toys for babies 6 months and up.

1.) Baby Block Walker by Tender Leaf Toys


Now that Lala is starting to get mobile I’m looking forward to watching her first steps with this super cute classic baby walker by Tender Leaf Toys. 

2.) Penelope the Flamingo by Cuddle + Kind








Cuddle + Kind is honestly, my favourite. I love that these dolls are so well made and by purchasing these you are also giving back and helping feed children.

3.) LeapFrog® Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket


This toy is suited for babies 6 months to 3 years old. I love how interactive this picnic basket is. It lights up and recognizes shape and pieces as they are inserted. It also includes: cups, forks, plates and food items.

4.) Butterscotch Bunny by B Toys


B Toys are definite must-have-toys in our house for the last 4 years. This super cute bunny is super fluffy and cuddly. Perfect for little babies!

5.) Mooosical Gears by B Toys


This toy allows babies and children to match the shapes and colours of the gears. Turning the mushroom knob and the animals begin to swirl and sing! It has 5 different songs and the dance floor lights up.

6.) Jungle Jam by B Toys


This gift is one to be enjoyed for many years!! I love that this set is complete of so many fun instruments! It has a bongo drum with 10-bell tambourine lid, 2 snake drum sticks, 2 giraffe maracas, 1 antelope slide whistle, 1 bird whistle and 1 twister hand drum!

7.) Chase Me Casey by VTech

I absolutely love VTech toys, and this particular one is so fun and interactive! My preschooler had one similar by VTech as well when she was a baby and loved it. This little monkey skates, spins and wobbles across the floor encouraging little ones to be active and dance or crawl after him. It also introduces babies and toddlers to letters, numbers, body parts, music and more!

8.) Mercedes Ride-On by Best Choice Products



Ride-ons are always such a hit for toddlers and young children. My almost 4 year old has been playing with her ride-on car for over 3 years now and absolutely loves it.

9.) Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube by B Toys.


Both my children absolutely love activity centres and this one is a favourite around our home. It has kept both my kids busy from 6 months to 3 years old.

I love finding great quality toys and can’t wait for Lala to be able to play with these awesome toys and activities!


*Special thank you to all these fabulous brands for these wonderful gifts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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