Cold & Flu Season With Young Kids

Cold & Flu Season

Cold & Flu season, by far the most dreaded season of them all, especially for MOMS. Now that Aleia goes to preschool & has more access to germs I have been taking extra precautionary measures trying to avoid our whole household from getting sick, especially the baby! Because, seriously, nothing is more difficult, sad and worrisome than having a sick baby.

After being through the cold season a few times with my first daughter, I have definitely learned what works and how to get through this dreaded season the 2nd time around. To me, being prepared is key! I know that I can take all the precautionary measures making sure my children don’t catch any bugs but of course it happens. I’ve learned that having reliable tools to get us through this season is definitely a MUST anytime and anywhere.


Braun ThermoScan®7 Thermometer



I have been counting on Braun thermometers since Aleia was born (almost 4 years ago). I first got the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer and absolutely love it. It has been a so reliable every time Aleia has gotten sick with a fever. I love that it has always given me an accurate reading of her temperature.

Last month, baby Aisla caught her first cold and I had a chance to try my new Braun ThermoScan®7 thermometer and I absolutely love it! It was so quick and easy to use especially with a moving baby.

The new Braun ThermoScan®7 is designed to give accurate temperature readings for the entire family, including newborn babies! Some of its unique features are:

  • Age Precision® Technology
  • The only thermometer that pre-warms the tip to 34 degrees Celsius to achieve professional accuracy and provide extra comfort
  • Display features built-in night light for in the dark
  • Fast, easy, gentle to use
  • 9x memory for tracking temperature over time
  • Disposable probe covers help prevent spreading germs.
Checking Aisla’s temperature in Seattle! It looks like Aisla’s temperature is normal for her age, time to go explore!


Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes as newborns grow into little kids and little kids grow into adults. The Age Precision® Technology helps parents interpret your child’s temperature considering their exact age. With the new Age Precision, you get the accuracy and has age-adjustable fever guidance which completely takes the guesswork out of interpreting your child’s temperature.

Steps to taking temperature with with Age Precision:

1.) Set your child’s age with the Age Precision Button.

2.) Check the temperature.

3.) The colour-coded fever indicator will help you understand and interpret the results and act accordingly – Green (normal temperature), yellow (elevated temperature) and red (high temperature).

The new Braun ThermoScan®7 is the best thermometer in the market and is considered the benchmark for accuracy. I love this thermometer so much that I actually have one at home and one that stays in my diaper bag for when we are out or when we are traveling. Definitely a must-have in every household with young children!


Vicks® FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier 


For as long as I can remember, growing up when my sister and I were sick my parents would rub Vicks Vapo Rub on our chest and on our backs to relieve nasal congestion. This is definitely something I continue to do with my children when they’re sick.

To help relieve nasal congestion I have also been using the Vicks® FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier in our Master Bedroom and Aleia’s bedroom for a couple of years.

Honestly, Vicks Humidifiers help restore moisture to any room. I love that it gives my children, husband and I relief when we are coughing, sneezing or congested during cold and flu season. Studies have also shown that keeping indoor air at a Relative Humidity level of 40-60% reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Some of the benefits The Vicks® FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier have are:

  • Helps maintain overall room temperature; variable mist control to regulate humidity levels
  • Removable tank with handle for easy filling
  • Does not require the use of filter – no need to purchase replacements
  • Offers a visible, cool mist for temporary relief of coughing and congestion
  • Can be used with Vicks® VapoPads® for added relief and comfort – VapoPads® offer soothing menthol vapours
  • Whisper-quiet; won’t disturb sleep


For more information or to purchase these products, please visit: Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier & Braun ThermoScan 7*

 * This post is brought to you by Braun and Vicks. All opinions and this full review is of my own.

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