10 Tips for a Foolproof Bedtime Routine

Bedtime in our home is absolutely sacred to ensure that our girls are getting the right
amount of sleep they need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to play and learn.
After all, sleep has a significant impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-

We have had the same bedtime routine for four years and it truly works for our family. I
hope my tips and tricks can help yours too!


Here are a few of my tips:

1. Implement bedtime routines early. We’ve done our bedtime routine since our first
daughter was three months old.

2. Make sure your routine is developmentally appropriate. Bedtime routines for a
six-month-old will look different than for a four-year old. Right now, I quickly
nurse my one-year-old before setting her down in her crib awake, while my
daughter lays down on her own and waits for me to lay with her for five minutes.

3. Be consistent and have the same routine every night so it is predictable for your
children. Example: Dinner, bath, stories, cuddles, then bed.

4. Have a good quality mattress and pillow giving your children the best possible
sleep. I truly believe that we all should have a great mattress, especially because
sleep has a significant impact on our overall health.

5. Start an hour early. My goal is to have my children in bed by 6:30 at the latest.
Dinner at our house is 5 pm followed by bath time at 5:20, stories at 5:45 and the
girls are usually laying down in their beds by 6:15 and falling asleep by 6:30.

6. Give five-minute warnings. I like to give my girls warnings, so they are aware how
much time they have left.

7. Avoid stimulating activities and distractions at least an hour before bed such as
video games, TV, handheld devices, interactive games, etc.

8. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks before bed such as candies, chocolates, ice
cream, juice, etc.

9. Create a calm and cozy environment ready for sleeping. I like to make sure that
the girls’ room is dark using black out curtains. Ensure the room temperature is
nice and comfortable. During the summer months I like to make sure the room a
little cooler. Last, my girls love falling asleep to soothing music. They have been
falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and I like how it blocks out noise from our living room when my husband and I are watching TV and any other outside

10. End the day with a positive note. Each night, as soon as the lights are off, I love
spending five minutes with both of my girls individually. As I mentioned above
with my one year old, I nurse her for five minutes before putting her down to her
bed. And with my four-year-old, she tells me one thing about her day while we
snuggle in her bed for five minutes before she turns around and falls asleep.

By creating and implementing predictable bedtime routines early it allows smooth
nighttime transition ensuring children feel secure, calm, comfortable and ready for bed.
Over time, this results to creating healthy sleeping habits that will last a lifetime!




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