25 Days Brilliant Elf On The Shelf Ideas

I honestly love Elf On The Shelf. I love watching my daughters face light up the moment she realizes where her elves are. I love how genuinely happy these silly elves make them. The look of aw and magic on my daughters little faces makes the holidays even more special.

To make it even more fun last year hubby and I had a friendly competition with our Elf On The Shelf; Elfie and Sparkles. We decided that each night we would take turns moving the elves and putting them in different scenarios and fun activities to make Christmas even more magical for our little girls. Every 2nd night to include our family, friends and Instagram viewers I would put a poll on my Instagram stories allowing everyone vote which night antics were better. Last year B won by 1!!! This year I know I have to definitely up my game. Make sure to follow all our Elf On The Shelf antics on my Instagram feed www.instagram.com/bubbly.and.blush starting on December 1st to vote your favourite antics.

This was a recap of our Elfie and Sparkles adventures last year!

Elfie & Sparkles arriving at our home via helicopter and plane

Day 1: Kicked off the first day with Elfie & Sparkles arriving in our home via helicopter and plane dropping off advent calendars and letters for the girls. We didn’t count and start the competition on the first night and the last night. We figured the first and the last night are very important so we would do it as a team.

Day 2: The competition begins. Hubby propped Elfie and Sparkles mountain climbing using candy canes. Sparkles is on top waiting on Elfie.

Elfie & Sparkles climbing using candy canes.

Day 3: I wasn’t going to let hubby have all the fun. This night Sparkles is sliding down with her candy canes sled and Elfie on his carriage with the dragon pulling him down.

Mine was the winner between the 1st night and 2nd.

Day 4: Oooh this two is silly. This evening hubby propped the elves flying in our living room. Elfie is chasing Sparkles with his magic wand while Elfie makes a getaway inside the helicopter.

Day 5: This evening was my turn. Elfie and Sparkles decided to teepee the living room and then watch it from the wreath eating cookies.

2nd win for me!

Day 6: Silly elves wanted to try wrapping the Christmas tree!

B’s first win.

Day 7: Hanging elves just waiting on the girls to wake up. On the bottom of the string is chocolate kisses for the girls to wake up to.

Day 8: Hubby thought this was brilliant. Elfie and Sparkles chopping kindling.

Day 9: This is one of my faves from my antics last year. Elfie and Sparkles having a snow ball fight! Elsa used her magic to give them snow and beside her is my home made Olaf.

Day 10: Kudos to hubby, I thought this was perfect. Elfie and Sparkles decided to try out their luck fishing. Elfie is trying to catch our beta fish Lollipop, while Snow white and the Calico Critters are having a bbq.

Day 11: This one is all me, because who doesn’t love a kissing booth?

Day 12: The Elves having fun with their friends going sliding with candy canes!

Day 13: Acrobatic elves, enough said.

Day 14: Okay, I hate to admit it but this scene by hubby was pretty amazing. The Elves are Heli- skiing down the tree! Sparkles is getting out of the helicopter and Elfie is in the middle while at the finish line is all the Disney Princess waiting!

Day 15: Ofcourse the Elves need a little R & R. Sparkles is getting a massage by Anna and Elfie is getting a massage by Elsa. Sparkles even has cut up cucumber on her eyes.

Day 16: This evening, hubby decided the Elves need to go on a little trip with their friends. Fairy riding a dragon, minion riding a horse.

Day 17: HOUSE PARTY!!! I love a good party so ofcourse Elfie and Sparkles threw a super fun party in the playroom.

Day 18: Good call on hubby for his quick thinking! Pinata party!!

Day 19: This is one of my favourite of my antics for sure. The elves decided to turn the bathroom into Candy Land! That is chocolate balls coming out of the tap!

Day 20: There was no beating this one. Hubby decided the elves were going to deliver our Christmas star via balloons. Fairy is riding a dragon to help direct Sparkles while Elfie is waiting on top of the tree.

Day 21: Elves having fun! They made a tree house and Sparkles is hanging out on the tire swing. This took me 2 hours to make! Glue gun and popsicle sticks became my best friend this evening!

Day 22: Elfie and Sparkles going for a little ride on Aleia’s ATV with their friends! They’re 4×4 on top of balloons! I have no idea how hubby did this without any balloons popping plus that ATV is heavy.

Day 23: Movie night!! The elves and their friends are watching Frozen 2!

December 24: LAST NIGHT! We decided to have have an epic send of for the elves and decided they were going to decorate our house for Christmas eve!! We decorated with streamers and balloons everywhere, it was so fun!

And on Christmas Day, since Elfie and Sparkles were going to ride with Santa we decided to let A cuddle them all day and she was so happy!!! Definitely an amazing Elf On The Shelf season!

But on February they made a comeback! This time for Aleia’s 4th birthday! When A woke up in the morning she walked into her bedroom where she seen her bedroom decorated with Elfie and Sparkles and she cried happy tears! We have never seen her cry because she was so happy, it was so precious and definitely very memorable. That’s all she was wishing for and it was so worth it.

Have a wonderful and magical holiday season everyone!



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