Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

After planning Aleia’s 2nd birthday party for many months I am super excited to share with you all that it was a total success! Growing up birthday parties have been a pretty big deal in my family so its really no surprise that I LOVE throwing a good party! For Aleia’s 2nd birthday I decided to do an Alice in Wonderland theme and have a modern tea party with a splash of vintage flair.

Party Invitations

I started off the party planning process by creating party invitations here for super cute party invitations.

Making invitations at Basic Invite was super easy and took maybe 15 minutes. There were unlimited colour options to match any theme! I really liked how I was able to print the sample of the invitations to see how it will print before ordering the final copies. Once I finished Aleia’s birthday invitations I decided to also order thank you cards for all the guests attending. Now this part took 5 minutes! There were over 1500 thank you card designs, each one customizable. Because I’m an absolute sucker for blush pink & gold, once I seen this design I decided to go with it and I absolutely love it!




Party Decor


The decor is seriously my fave part when it comes to parties! From the start I knew I wanted it to be an Alice in Wonderland theme but after looking at the different ideas on Pinterest, the bold purple, lime green & dark red colours that often went with the theme just wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted the decor to be bright, timeless and a girly! So I decided to go with my favourite colours ofcourse… blush pink, gold and light blue. I knew I wanted a beautiful backdrop so I decided to go with a beautiful paper flower wall. And it was absolutely stunning! The Paper Florist from Vancouver did an amazing job with these delicate paper flowers and everyone was in awe at how beautiful they are. The best part? If you don’t want to purchase them you can rent them for the duration of your party! The owner and maker is the sweetest and really worked with me while I planned and envisioned Aleia’s party. Every special occasion definitely needs these. I love them so much I’ll be putting them up in Aleia’s Playroom as well as using it once I re-do her room into a toddler room.

Aleia’s Wonderland gold sign as well as her cake topper and cupcake topper is from the cutest shop Glitter Party Co.

For a splash of vintage I started collecting different tea cups a few months before the party and ended up using them for decor as well as used some of my more modern tea set.  I also ordered a lot of Alice in Wonderland cut outs: Rabbit, Flamingo, Alice, direction signs and hand clock from Amazon! I had Bundled Bebe custom design some prints to put all over the house but unfortunately with my mom brain we only had two up, but I’ll be using the rest as decor in Aleia’s playroom.


Isn’t this too cute?BBshop-AliceinWonderland-Print2.jpg


I knew I wanted lots of balloons and a few months ago my blogger friend Heaven made a balloon garland for her daughter’s birthday and this totally inspired me to do one as well! Check out her DIY balloon garland. Thank you so much Heaven!


Vintage Alice in wonderland dessert paper plates and cups are from Chapters Indigo.


Aleia’s Wonderland banner as well as the flamingos on top of her cupcakes and cake topper is from this fab Etsy shop Glitter Party Co.


Blue & Pink tables are from Ikea.


I really love how the balloon garland turned out, I used 90+ balloons. 


I decided to have the party at 2:30 so we had plenty of time to socialize as well as enjoy our guests eventhough it’s a bit tricky with toddlers and nap times but decided to just go for it. I put Aleia down for a nap at 11:45 and she ended up getting for 2 so it was just the perfect timing. For the menu, I decided on a variety of food incase people were hungry or just wanted something light but I most definitely wanted the dessert table to be filled with some yummy treats.



Dessert Table

White chocolate salted caramel birthday cake

Blush pink, hot pink, purple & white with gold macarons

Salted caramel cupcakes

Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes

Vanilla cherry cupcakes

Turtle Cheesecake

Sugar Cookies

Chocolate covered strawberries



This adorable tower was from Amazon and those cute little flamingos on top of the cupcakes are from Glitter Party Co



Appetizers/late lunch


Cesar Salad

Turkey & Cranberry tea sandwiches

Vegan Falafel Canapés

Charcuterie Board

Fruit platter



Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Mango Proseco

White & red wine


Aleia’s birthday dress

Aleia’s birthday dress was a no brainer, she has been wearing Olivia Rose from day one so ofcourse she had to wear something from the Olivia Rose collection! AnnaMaria sent a few beautiful dresses from her dress collection and because I honestly couldn’t pick which dress to put her in, with the help of my Instagram followers I was able to choose this beautiful white floral delicate dress!




Welcome to Aleia’s Wonderland print is from Bundled Bebe.

Party Fun

Months before Aleia’s party I decided to surprise her and book a pony to come at our house so the children can take turns riding the pony as well as booked a bunny party. Last year we had a petting farm come with pens and set up outside and it was so much fun, this year I wanted just bunnies to go with our Alice in Wonderland theme. Unfortunately, because the West Coast isn’t used to getting snow and everything usually shuts down the moment it snows the horse trailer was stranded at the farm so only the bunnies, guinea pigs, ducks and pig could come and we ended up setting up in our garage with the amount of snow there was outside. I have to admit I was pretty upset not having the pony and the weather but everything worked out in the end and Aleia was obsessed with all the baby bunnies! She also got to ride Cinnamon the pony that was suppose to come to her party on her actual birthday and her daddy took her on her very first helicopter ride!


How adorable are these baby bunnies?!




Aleia riding Cinnamon on her birthday.


Overall Aleia’s birthday was a major success and I still can’t believe my baby is TWO!! How on Earth have I been a mom for 2 whole years?! It has been the absolute best two years of my life.

I’d like to thank my family for all the help and all these wonderful shops & businesses for being absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!

The Paper Florist

Olivia Rose

Glitter Party Co

Bundled Bebe

Basic Invite

As well as all the local shops that made all the beautiful, custom and delicious treats (Sugar Therapy Bakery, Nougatine and Cheeky Monkey Cakes).




*This post is sponsored by some of my favourite shops/brands. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.





6 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

  1. Totally epic 2nd birthday party for Aleia! Loved every detail, especially the prosecco and caramel cupcakes 😉 It was fabulous! You should be proud 🙂


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