Living Room Makeover

A month after Aisla was born our living room started looking like a multi-purpose room filled with her bassinet, baby swing, changing pad, all the baby gear as well as many toddler toys… and to think we have a whole entire playroom upstairs. But somehow, everything made its way downstairs because of sheer convenience and suddenly it just felt too much.

It was time to revamp the whole space and shed a bit of weight to make it an enjoyable living space that we can look forward to lounging at the end of the day. The first thing we needed to do was to get rid of that white leather couch (it was definitely not toddler-friendly especially with spills & mess) but replace it with a sleek and modern designed sectional. Second thing I wanted to switch up was the glass coffee table with sharp edges. Aleia has come close to hitting her head on that so many times. Third, it was time for a new entertainment TV stand that looked great, modern, yet super functional for a family of four.

My ultimate goal was to freshen up the space, by keeping the decor simple yet child friendly, comfortable, functional but still aesthetically pleasing.

I started looking at sectionals from The Brick and took forever to choose from the many sectionals and the different colours. It took me atleast 2 weeks to choose the sectional and another 2 weeks to choose the colour. I ended up picking the Louis 2-Piece Chenille Sectional (right-facing) in Grey. I chose the Louis because of it’s modern and sleek design. I love how comfortable it is, it had many features such as: adjustable head rests for neck/head support, the SECRET STORAGES (perfect for storing baby things like diapers, wipes, toys, etc), and extra-fluffy-high-density foam cushions for your back, and the upholstery is easy to clean (perfect if you have young children) and it is also similar to velvet, very soft and beautiful. I loved the Louis sectional more also because The Brick had a matching Ottoman to go with it, which is absolutely a MUST! The Louis Chenille Ottoman is perfect instead of a coffee table and so functional. One of my favourite part about having the Ottoman is being able to push it against the sectional to make a comfortable bed-like for Friday nights with the kids watching a movie, having snacks & snuggling away making memories.

The quality of our Louis 2-Piece Chenille Sectional and Louis Chenille Ottoman has been top notch. The sectional connects together with sturdy clips. It doesn’t slide or move at all. Both sectional and ottoman has kept its shape well and has been so easy to clean.

The last furniture, I had a hard time choosing was the TV stand. Again, I wanted something versatile for our family, yet with a little bit of character. I chose the Madison 60′ barn door TV stand in white. I love this TV stand because it adds a little farmhouse style, yet its functional. It had plenty of storage for the children’s books, toys, some decor and you can easily slide the farm door to hide electronics, gadgets or if you simply just want to change the look.

To finish up the space, I chose the Platinum Area Rug in 8′ x 10′ to complete the space, add some character and lighten it up a bit as well as compliment the sectional. I love how it looks and how well made this area rug is.

One of my absolute favourite part about traveling is being able to bring different pieces from our adventures and being able to look back on our travels. I incorporated the paintings and crafts we brought back from Bali, Thailand and the Philippines with the decor of our living room as well as added colours that would make the living room pop.

The way we have lived in our home has changed immensely after revamping our living room. It has definitely made the space feel warmer, more comfortable and functional. There are plenty of seating for guests, enough room to play, perfect for lounging around with all our pillows and cuddling with our kids every Friday nights for movie nights. Most definitely the perfect space to make lasting memories with our family.

I’d like to say thank you to The Brick for the wonderful service and the exceptional new pieces in our home. 

*This post is in partnership with The Brick.

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